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Families who have little resources will send their sons to school and keep their daughters at home

Picture of Besabesa Dollar
Besabesa Dollar


Most schools have a uniform. It is this attire that delineates who they are for it is also embroidered with a badge that has the name of the school, its location and a school motto.

A uniform is one of the requirements that each student must have in most schools. It is capable of instilling discipline and pride, and also believed to ‘lift’ grades as it crafts a more formal and academic atmosphere.

Imagine a school where every student has a right to wear what they wish. This has potential to create divisionism as some students would afford expensive attires while others wouldn’t- this is something that would affect their concentration in class.

This is why Tina Umulinga a student in Kigali believes that school uniforms help lessen harmful judgments between students from different economic backgrounds adding that this would encourage them to socialise and hence help nurture healthy relationships.

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